TMS Slugfest Gives NASCAR Fans Action in the Infield Saturday Afternoon

Race fans were treated to some high-octane mixed martial arts action at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend as Phalanx Amateur Combatants held their inaugural amateur MMA promotion on Saturday afternoon.  Despite the threat of rain on the forecast those in attendance were treated to some superb MMA action.

Lightweight Main Event
Coda Yazzie (4-0) (Phalanx MMA) UD 3 Amir Khan (0-1) (Tank Head Fight Team)
Official Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

Coda Yazzie’s game plan is always simple.  Take his opponent down and beat on him until he can’t take any more.  Against Amir Khan, a noted muay thai fighter, Yazzie stuck to his script but Khan made him work for every inch in their contest.  Yazzie came out and immediately realized his striking was not on the level of Khan’s so he deftly took the fight to the ground where his wrestling was too much for Khan.  From the mount Yazzie pummeled Khan on numerous occasion but he could not put Khan away.  This is not to say that Khan didn’t have moments of his own in the fight.  In fact, Khan worked great of his back retaliating with some hard punches and elbows that bloodied the mouth of Yazzie in the second round.  However, in the end it was Yazzies varying attacks and control on the ground that earned him the unanimous victory.

Middleweight Fight

Alexander Rivchun (2-0) (Phalanx MMA) UD 3 Anton Jones (0-1) (Fitness Fight Factory)
Official Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

Rivchun and Jones engaged in a battle of attrition that saw them both battle fatigue but in the end it was Ricchun saw his hand raised in victory.  While Jones was game to stand and box with Rivchun, his opponent opted to instead use his edge in wrestling to take the fight to the ground and rain punches down from the mount.  Jones had some success in the second round of the contest landing some hard punches that rocked Rivchun back on his heels.  However, it was Rivchun who simply had more gas in his tank and took the third round, and the fight, with his dominant ground game.

Lightweight Fight

Joseph Ferguson (1-2) (Team Reyes BJJ) TKO RD 2 (Strikes) Carlos Govea (0-1) (World Class Karate)
Official time of Stoppage:  2:34 in round two

It seems unfitting that a fighter training under one of the best jiu-jitsu academies in North Texas, Reyes BJJ, would win a bout via TKO but such was the case with Joseph Ferguson as he stopped Carlos Govea in two rounds.  Of course, Govea made him earn the victory rocking Ferguson early with a flying knee to start the fight.  Ferguson was clearly more comfortable on the ground and it showed in the fight as he was able to take Govea’s back and unleash a furious barrage of punches to end the opening round.  The second round saw Govea appear to be the fresher of the two fighters but after Ferguson was able to take it to the ground it was only a matter of time before he secured the mount and landed enough punches to stop the fight.


Bantamweight Fight
Dakota Coston (1-0) (Fitness Fight Factory) KO RD 2 Nicholas Smith (0-1) (Evolution MMA)
Official Time of the Knockout: 1:45 in round two

The best thing about the lighter weight classes is the action flies fast and furious.  Such was the case against Dakota Coston and Nick Smith.  Neither fighter wanted to take a step back and throw punches, kicks, and knees with reckless abandon.  It was a closely contested bout with Smith landing some dynamic shots and Coston controlling the action on the ground with wrestling.  However, Coston would seize the victory in the second round when a laser-accurate straight right hand put Smith down and out of the fight.

Middleweight Fight

Cody Wagner (1-0) (Tank Head Fight Team) TKO RD 2 (Strikes) Aaron Bowman (1-1) (Phalanx MMA)
Official time of stoppage: 2:48 in round two

Cody Wagner traveled down 1-20 from Shreveport to Fort Worth to go home with a victory and that is exactly what he did in a superb showing against Aaron Bowman.  Despite an incredible height and reach advantage enjoyed by Bowman, Wagner was able to negate these disadvantages with tried and true wrestling.  While Bowman may have had the edge in striking it was Wagner who took control of the action and simply bullied Bowman in route to a second round TKO via some thunderous ground and pound that left the referee no other option but to stop the bout.

Light Heavyweight Fight

Juan Cuellar (3-2) (House of One MMA) UD 3 vs. Tyler Morrison 4-3) (American Fighter)
Scores: 30-29, 30-29, 30-29

Despite the calm, unassuming looks of both fighters Juan Cuellar and Tyler Morrison brought a war of attrition to the cage over three brutal rounds.  Morrison opened up the contest with some hard kicks that were thrown with murderous intentions.  However, Cuellar simply walked through the pain and smothered Morrison with a blanket of pain.

Cuellar’s attack never deviated from his game plan of dictating the pace of the action.  Cuellar simply beat Morrison into submission.  However, Morrison was undaunted and never relented despite seeing blood flow from his nose.  In fact, Morrison nearly took home the victory with a vice grip triangle choke that nearly put Cuellar out in the second round.  Unfortunately for Morrison Cuellar was able to survive the round and continued coasting to victory in the third round in route to a unanimous decision.

Light Heavyweight Fight

Cameron Sharp (1-0) (Phalanx MMA) TKO RD 2 (Strikes) Juan Manuel Dominguez (0-2) (Brotherhood MMA)
Official time of the Stoppage:  2:59 in round two

Cameron Sharp made his cage fighting debut a victorious one in stopping the incredibly tough Manuel Dominguez in two rounds.  Sharp started out strong, peppering Dominguez with shots while fighting off the cage.  However, Dominguez clearly came to win and used  some excellent wrestling to minimize Sharp’s offense.

Dominguez came out strong in the second, nearly catching Sharp in a guillotine at the beginning of the round.  However, Sharp was able to survive the submission attempt and after some tense minutes where the two fighters grappled on the ground, Sharp was able to secure the full mount and unleashed a relentless barrage of shots that forced the referee to waive a halt to the contest at the last second of the round.

Welterweight Fight

Arturo Arellano Jr. (1-1) (Dallas Jawbreakers) TKO RD 1 (Strikes) Bondie Bradfute (0-1)
Official time of the Stoppage: 1:10 round two

Garland’s Arturo Arellano Jr made a statement in his one round blitzkrieg of Bondie Bradfute.  Arellano brought the fight to Bradfute like he stole something hammering his opponent with bone-bruising leg kicks that were punctuated with some crisp, straight punches.  Bradfute, clearly in trouble, tried to take the fight to the ground but Arellano was able to take his back and unleashed holy hell on him with some vicious ground and pound.  While Bradfute never lacked heart in the contest the onslaught of Arellano was simply too much prompting the referee to waive a halt to the bout.

Featherweight Fight

Robert Ponce (1-1) (Fitness Fight Factory) SUB RD 2 (Arm bar) Tomas Sicay (0-4) (Tank Head Fight Team)
Official Time of Submission: 2:45 in round two

Both fighters wasted little time in setting the pace of the fight but while Sicay had some success early  with a quick takedown but it wasn’t long before Ponce seized control of the momentum to close out the round with some vicious ground and round after securing the mount to end the round.

In the second round Ponce came out with a purpose and after taking the fight to the ground deftly slipped in an arm bar to force the Sicay tap.

All photos © Scott Chapman/www.imagesbychappy.com