Juan Diaz Returns


Before the fight, Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz (37-4, 19KO’s) had predicted he would win the fight by the second round, but it took just a little longer.  As the bell sounded for the first round, Diaz came out swinging against Adailton De Jesus (30-8, 24KO’s) as he backed him up with numerous jabs and right hands.  The taller DeJesus was able to withstand the onslaught of punches as he kept his distance until the end of the round.  The second and third rounds were more of the same as Diaz stalked and pounded Adailton around the ring and into the ropes.  In the third round, Diaz landed a big left hook to the face of Adeltain, who took it well and just shrugged it off as he smiled at Diaz.  Unfortunately for Adeltain, smiling back at Diaz didn’t make it any easier for him.  Throughout the fight Adeltain was only able to land an occasional few counter punches, but nothing that would cause any damage.  In the fourth round, Diaz, the former WBA, WBO and IBF world lightweight titleholder kept the pressure up as he pounded Adeltain on the ropes.  Toward the end of the round, Diaz landed another combination to the head of Adeltain and finished it up by landing a flurry of punches and several to the body. 

At the end of the end of fourth round it appeared that Adeltain was starting to break down by the body punches that Diaz was now administering.  At the beginning of the fifth, Diaz went back to the body and the head of Adeltain, but this time he was adding more power to his punches.  Adeltain was taking the punches as he backed up around the ring as Diaz continued coming forward.  With the referee looking very close to Adeltain as he was taking punch after punch, Adeltain’s corner threw in the towel.  The fight was stopped by TKO at 1:15 of the fifth round.

After the fight, Diaz told the announcer that he felt good in the ring and was happy about the way he went to the body to break his opponent down, just as he had done before retiring approximately two and one half years ago.  Diaz happens to also be the former WBA Super lightweight title holder.  In 2009 his reign then took a big fall when he was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6, 40KO’s), the former four-division world champion and current WBO light welterweight champion.  Diaz was able to get a rematch against Marquez in July of 2010 but once again was defeated, but this time it was by decision. 

It was after this decision loss that Diaz called it quits and retired from the boxing game.  But  now he has decided to make his own comeback to become a world champion again.  It was said that after seeing what Marquez did against Manny Pacquiao, he got the boxing fire in him again.  He has now won his second comeback win and after the fight, he was quoted as saying “One more fight and I will be ready for a title fight.  Although he may have felt like he is ready for a title fight, most would think that he is several fights away, if that.  Nevertheless, the former champion did what he was supposed to do, but a step up in competition will only tell if he is really ready to be world champion again.