DeSoto’s Errol Spence out to make history at 2012 Olympics

After supposedly losing to Indian welterweight Krishan Vikas last Friday night, and four hours later finding out the decision was overruled, Olympian Errol Spence from DeSoto, a Dallas, Texas suburb, is now the only boxer from the USA boxing team with a chance to win a medal. Just after getting his hand raised as the winner by the referee, who clearly knew who won, Spence’ hand had to be pulled down by the anxious referee after hearing Vikas was the winner. Luckily for Spence, his decision was overruled, unlike the biggest robbery in Olympic boxing which was against Roy Jones back in 1988. Jones clearly won by a mile, and even the winner from South Korea apologized to him after the fight. Although this is great news for the American boxing team, this is not what a boxer should have to go through. The odds of getting a decision overruled in the Olympics is almost impossible, but somehow the boxing Gods made it right. Unfortunately you see this time and time again in Olympic boxing. Where they get these incompetent boxing judges one can only wonder.

On his way to the Olympics, Spence became the number one rated amateur boxer at Welterweight in the U.S. after winning the 2011 U.S. National Championship as Welterweight at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Spence, who trains at the Maple Avenue Boxing Gym in Dallas, Texas, now has made it through the Round of 16 and into the Quarterfinals. He moves on to face the Russian southpaw Andrey Zamkovoy on Tuesday. Spence will be facing a former Silver medalist from the 2009 World Amateur Boxing Championships. Nevertheless, Spence knows that he has been given a second chance, although he was the true winner against Vikas. It is now up to him and it seems like something special is going to happen. And according to Spence, he said, “I am going to make the most of this second chance that I’ve been given. I can’t wait to get back in that ring on Tuesday.”