Paulie Ayala’s Fright Night Brought the Action to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Jose_Hernandez_resizeMAIN EVENT – Jose Hernandez (11-5-1, 5KO’s) vs Justo Vallecillo (6-14-2, 3KO’s).

The main event was between Jose Hernandez against Justo Vallecillo in what was to be a scheduled eight rounder.  The tall mohawked Hernandez came out coming forward as he threw his long jabs to the head of Vallecillo. The tough Vallecillo stood his ground and then he became the stalker as he landed a few good punches on Hernandez.   Hernandez then got Vallecillo in the corner and landed a good left and right.  At the end of the round it was clearly apparent that Vallecillo had a big mouse under his right eye.  At the beginning of the second round, Vallecillo’ eye already looked really bad.   That is why at the beginning of this round, he came out putting tremendous pressure on Hernandez as they fought in the middle of the ring, both jabbing away.  Hernandez then got in some good body punches on Vallecillo and then Vallecillo began to land punches as Hernandez was on the ropes.  Hernandez then landed a good left hook then a clean body punch.  He then finished the round with a triple combination.

The southpaw Vallecillo started the third round coming forward as Hernandez landed clean counter punches.  They continued much of the same until Hernandez caught Vallecillo with two good hard lefts to his head.  Both slugged it out till the end of the round as Vallecillo’ eye became very bloodshot.  The fourth round looked similar to the previous round as Vallecillo moved forward and landed with both hands.  The crowd then began to shout Hernandez’ name as he landed a left, then a right and a nice uppercut.  He followed that with another left and a right as Vallecillo continued to come forward.  Hernandez finished the round with a left to the head and a good body punch as he walked toward his corner, looking very confident.  Once again, the fourth round started with the tough Vallecillo advancing on Hernandez.  Hernandez then landed a nice body punch and then started landing a barrage of punches to the head of Vallecillo as he was on the ropes and the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.   The official time was 2:18 of the fifth round.   After the fight, Hernandez said the key to his fight was the use of his jab and his left hooks to catch Vallecillo.  He felt he also hurt Valleccillo with his left hooks to the body and that he was able to finish his opponent off with the use of his jab to set up the end of the fight.  The fight was stopped at 2:18 of the fifth round.

Co-Main Event – Miguel Buendia (7-1, 4KO’s) vs Abraham Esquivel (4-2, 2KO’s). 

The first two rounds of this fight were even as Buendia and Esquivel both landed good punches as they began to feel each other out.  The third round is when things started to heat up.  The smooth Buendia connected with a left and a right to the head of Esquivel as Esquivel got in his own counter punch.  It was apparent as the fight went on that Esquivel was a tough competitor and that he was in it for the long haul.  Buendia then began to put on the pressure and landed some good body punches and continued to stalk Esquivel around the ring.  He then landed two big right hands and then followed that with another big right.  As the round ended, Buendia landed a three punch combination.  This was a big round for him.  At the beginning of the fourth round, Esquivel must have known he was behind on the cards as they both went toe to toe for what seemed a very long time.  Suddenly Buendia caught Esquivel, who slightly stumbled, and then Buendia followed up with some big punches.  Both fighters continued to land evenly hard punches till the end of the round.  The beginning of the fourth round started with Esquivel landing a quick left to the head of Buendia.  Buendia then countered with a huge right to the head that almost put Esquivel to the canvas.  Then Buendia followed up with another three punch combination as he had Esquivel on the ropes and the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.  Official time was 1:03 of the fifth round.  Another outstanding showing by Miguel Buendia.  Buendia said he felt patient in the early rounds as opposed to his other fights and he was able to establish his jab as the fight continued.   According to him, the key to the fight was his patience.   Look forward to seeing him in the ring in the upcoming future.

Joel Hernandez (2-1) vs Carlos Casasola (1-0).

The next fight was the pro debut of Casasola against Hernandez, who hadn’t fought in two and a half years.  Unfortunately, the layoff was just too much for Hernandez who was knocked out at 1:46 of the first round, by the much younger Casasola.  After the fight, Casasola said he had been training for about three months for his debut and that he came in with a good strategy of a boxing style, which he felt was more effective.  He also said he was able to get his distance and then that is when he attacked his opponent with clean and solid punches.  At the end of the fight, he said he saw that his opponent was clearly dizzy from his punches and that is when he finished him off.  Fight fans, look to see many good performances from this young boxer in the future.

Samuel Clarkson (2-0) vs Jared Kemp (2-10-1).

The next first round knockout was Jared Kemp, who apparently was a last minute call who stepped in to fight Clarkson.  Clarkson was supposed to fight Diego Mireles (1-3) who was taken off the card.  It didn’t take the undefeated Clarkson too long to finish Kemp as he started off with a hard left hook and a hard right to the head of Kemp.  He continued with another hard right and Kemp went down.  The fight was over in 40 seconds.

Arthur Trevino (5-7-2) vs Alex Lopez (1-2).

In what I thought was supposed to be an exciting fight, and possibly an advantage to Trevino, a seasoned fighter, the outcome took me by surprise.  One reason it surprised me was because although Lopez is a good young fighter, some have questioned his training, and he was coming in with two losses.  The other reason it also surprised me is because I had seen Trevino before and I knew he was a good fighter.  Apparently records can be deceiving.  It was said that Lopez had been doing some trash talking at the weigh-in, so I thought, well, he is in for a beating.

So much for records and trash talk from a zero and two fighter.  From the beginning of the fight when the fighters were being given instructions in the ring, it was apparent that Trevino was not happy with Lopez’ mouth, as he slammed Lopez’ gloves down as they tapped gloves together.  Trevino started the fight off by stalking Lopez around the ring and landing a good right and then a good counter punch.  Suddenly as fighters were in close, Lopez caught Trevino with a hard left hook, which wobbled Trevino, which was followed up by a hard right to the head of Trevino as he was going down in the corner.  Lopez then closed in and landed a vicious right and a left.  Trevino went down and landed flat on his face and the fight was over.  TKO at 2:27 of the first round.

Manuel Rojas (3-0) vs Raul Carrillo (1-4).

The fight started with Carrillo putting the pressure on the undefeated Rojas from Dallas, Texas.  Carrillo then followed up with a nice uppercut and some good body punches as Rojas countered his way out.  Both fighters were cautious at the beginning and Rojas then landed an overhand left and right to the head of Carrillo.  The round ended with Rojas connecting with both hands.  At the beginning of the second round, Rojas connected with a good left, and they then went toe to toe in the middle of the ring.  When they separated, Carrillo began to put the pressure on Rojas as he came forward.  Rojas then landed a big left to the head of Carrillo and then followed up with two more good lefts.  Rojas then landed a vicious right hand and rocked Carrillo and then landed a few more right hands to the head.  In the third, it was just a continuation of the second round as the tough Carrillo came forward trying to land what he could, as Rojas continued to counter his way out.  In the fourth, the southpaw Carrillo continued to come forward and Rojas cautiously kept away and then landed a hard right, but Carrillo kept putting the pressure on.  Rojas then got Carrillo in the corner and starting landing punches, but Carrillo came back and fought his way out to the middle of the ring.  Rojas then started landing punches on Carrillo in the middle of the ring and then rocked him as he continued to land a multitude of punches on him as he was in the corner.  Despite that, Carrillo fought his way out of the corner till the end of the fight.  Rojas wins by unanimous decision as the scorecards read 40-36, 40-36, 40-36.

Angel Solorzano (2-0) vs  Oscar Palacios (0-2-1).

The first fight of the night has  to set the record for a fighter using the tactic of holding.  Although Palacios looked like he had a heavy punch, he was just too slow to land it, so he decided to just attempt to hit and then grab and hold onto his opponent, Solorzano.  The first round started off with some good combinations from Solorzano, but most of the round was just a bunch of holding from Palacios.  The holding continued in the second round, to the frustration of Solorzano, and the constant shouting of the referee, to “break”, sometimes up to three time in a row to Palacios.  The referee even warned Palacios that this was not a wrestling match.  Then suddenly both fighters started slugging it out and Palacios ended up on the canvas, but it was really just a push by Solorzano.  This came from him trying to get Palacios from holding him.  The round ended with Solorzano landing a hard right and a good combination.

At the end of the third round it was clear that both Solorzano and the referee were frustrated with all the holding.  As the third round started, Palacios came out lunging punches and then holding again.  Palacios then attempted to land a right, but he missed and continued his tactic of holding.  The round ended with Solorzano landing two overhand rights.  At the beginning of the round, Solorzano landed a nice uppercut on Palacios against the ropes and he almost went down and then began holding.  Then, the referee, without taking a point from Palacios decided to stop the fight and disqualified Palacios.  It ended at 2:07 of the four